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TPP Wireless History
We formed our company in response to a need for broadband internet in the communities of Fire Island Pines and Cherry Grove. When we first stared providing service to these areas there was a void in internet services provided. We found that our customers were very receptive to our offering of high speed internet.

At the time we were using next generation wireless equipment that allowed us to provide internet using radio waves, similar to the ones that radio stations use to provide music to radios. Ever since then we have been upgrading our equipment to keep up with new technology that gets released every year.

Wireless internet - A History
Wireless internet was born, as most things, as a way for the government to communicate to vehicles and equipment. The first generation equipmnet was not exactly the fastest or most reliable but it did offer services to locations that not been equiped before.

Wireless technology is ever expanding
In the past few years wireless equipment has made leaps and bounds as far as reliability and speeds. These days wireless connectivity is common place in homes for individual computer use. You may have a wireless router in your house that allows your computer or laptop to connect to a single main internet feed.

How our service differs from in home wireless
While we do provide wireless routers, for purchase, our service is quite different from this localized service.The wireless equipment and services we provide enables locations that are unable to be physically connected through wires the ability to have high speed internet connectivity. Our equiment is some of the latest equipment available, but even still new technology is being developed at increasingly faster rates.With this equipment we can provide services to locations that are miles away from any one of our POP or Point of Presence locations. This means no major infrastructure is need to be built to provide this service. A simple antenna on your roof that recieves our signal gets mounted and a wire from that antenna gets run into the house, usually to an in home wireless router, which allows multiple computers to connect a single main feed.

Limitations of wireless internet services
While wireless service allows many locations that were previously unable to get service an alternative. It does have its downsides, heavy vegitation or trees degrades service and signal strength, much like a radio gets static if out of range. Luckily there are certain types of equipment and antenna that will alllow us to increase the reception of signal. In most cases if we get a weak signal we can improve it to provide uninterrupted services, there are still a few locations we cannot provide service to, such as low elevation locations with high trees and vegitation. For this reason we do what is called a site survey, an on location review of signal strength and feasability.

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