FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

This is a common problem with the oldest of equipment, and also the most difficult to answer because there are many different possible causes of this. First thing you can do is to make sure the power to equipment is still working, there are two different types of adapters that plug into the wall to provide power to the equipment on the roof and wireless router. The power adapter for the antenna on the roof is a black or white rectangular box that has a light on top. This adatper has some labels on it, the first is labled, "POE", the second is "LAN". As well as a power cord that plugs both into the box and the wall exlectrical outlet. Please make sure the power is working to the electrical outlet and the cord is connected properly. The Second thing to check is the wiring, and connections. Now we need to make sure everything is plugged into the adapter correctly. Labled "POE" is the wire that runs from outside into the house from the antenna on the roof. The other port is labled "LAN" port, which should be either plugged directly into you computer or into a router, that allows for multiple connections to the internet. If there are no wires in any one of these ports then you will not have internet sevice, furthmore if the wires are mixed up and reversed, you will have no internet. We suggest powering down the adapters, by removing the power from the adatper, for about 20 seconds, or just unplugging the from the wall outlet, as well if your equipment is on a power strip you can power down the entire strip, wait 20 or so seconds, then turn back on. This should be done for both your equipment power adapter and your router power adapter if not in a power strip.